‘Don’t sue whistleblowers’, Labour is warned. Fine – we haven’t heard of any yet https://voxpoliticalonline.com/…/dont-sue-whistleblowers-l…/

I say this as someone who’s personal data has in all probability ended up with the editors of the MSM and the BBC.

I expect Mike Amesbury as my MP to speak up and demand that the Labour party prosecute these individuals. They have deliberately breached the trust given to them by the party.

The disgruntled ex staff, with a political axe to grind, have signed a non disclosure agreement. That’s a standard requirement for all employees who see personal and private information. It’s for a purpose, to protect individuals. If this bunch chose to ignore it, then they should be prosecuted. They chose to sign the agreement and they are willfully ignoring it.

They have also broken the terms of the General Data Protection Requirements (that’s the law for those who don’t know). These same individuals when working for the Labour party would not comply with GDPR and let me have me my data. I am entitled under GDPR, to know what the party officials are saying about me, what information they are storing and for what purpose. Labour party officers obstructed me in my request to see my data and even after the intervention of the Information Commissioner Office only part of my personal data was sent to me. But sending it out to the Daily Fail is ok?

By allowing these ex staff to get away with this gross breach of GDPR, the Labour party will be abdicating it responsibility for protecting members sensitive information and for upholding truth and decency.

And the law.